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William Shatner: Shooting The Shit With Shat

William Shatner: The best bad movie lines. Ever.

Sit back and relax as the greatest actor and musician in American history seranades you all with a tale or two from his earth-moving career. These are Shatner's epic, moving and often soul-touching words. Kind of.

William Fucking Shatner. Yes Sir!

When an amazingly gifted writer scripts a near-perfect collection of words, and they are delivered by an actor of the same level of skill as the aforementioned scribe... we are blessed with an epic movie quote. These cinematic lines, regardless of their length, often become larger than the movie they appeared in, and resonate for decades.

The same can be said for the Bad Movie Line. The exact opposite of the above.
Take a horrible writer, have that individual scribble an unreadable and grammatically imperfect sentence then hand it off to an actor unworthy of starring in a Romanian snuff film and you get... perfection... but of a different sort. You see, sometimes the stars and moon align, and give us something uniquely special. I myself have been fortunate enough to forge a few epic lines... and countless bad movie lines, thus I deem myself an expert.

That being said, I nominate the following bad movie lines as a few of the greatest of all time:

"So. It is you. The son. Is it not?"
No Retreat, No Surrender.

I could have taken any line from this classic and thrown it against the wall and it would have stuck like a corn-riddled dump. No Retreat, No Surrender is Hollywood magic at its finest, even though it was filmed in a shitty little suburb of Seattle. The marketing for this film is brilliant. Jean Claude Van-Damme as the star. And that's it. Like I said, brilliant.

One small flaw in that plan however: Van-Damme is hardly in this film. If you get up to take a piss while watching it, you will miss him. However if you are able to sustain that desire, you will hear Van Damme's epic quotation. Actually it is Van Damme's only line in the feature. Barely able to speak English, he takes a break from kicking the shit out of a teenager to deliver his bad movie rhetoric... "So. It is you. The son. Is it not?" It's difficult for me to cast aspersions at Van Damme because I probably couldn't have spoken that line much better myself.

If anything I would have added a few more pauses... for dramatic effect.

William Shatner | Best Bad Movie Lines | No Retreat, No Surrender starring Jean-Claude Van Damme

"How about I take you home and eat your pussy?"
Shark Attack III - Megaladon.

This movie is so bad, I'm still shocked I wasn't in it. Imagine the movie Jaws, if you will, without the story, plot, direction, cinematography, special effects (yes I know, this film arrived some 20 years later and still can't compete in this department) and most importantly, actors. The writing is horrible. The actors are worse. Put them together... and magic. Essentially a resort community is under seige by a prehistoric shark called a Megaladon and it is up to a local sheriff (heard that one before, god speed Roy), an old asshole in a wet-suit that drives a submarine, and some whore who fancies herself a National Geographic Reporter.

The trio join forces, but it's the duo of the sheriff and whore that bring us bad movie gold. A relationship that has been brewing for close to 60 minutes is finally consummated on the wings of a pick-up line, so out of line, I doubt even a sexual ninja such as myself could pull it off. The sheriff announces "How about I take you home and I eat your pussy?"
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, starring a big fucking shark
Now on planet Earth, such a question would be followed up with a slap across the face, and a strike to the groin... but not in the world of Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.

A pussy is in fact dined upon (actually we are expected to suspend disbelief here as this bad movie line is followed by one of the most tepid love scenes I have ever witnessed). Let's be honest here, you pull off a gem like that, the only thing that should follow is non-stop, hardcore sex, with farm tools, pirates, and a wheel barrow full of STP High Viscosity Motor Oil... and a wet-nap.

"What does God want with a starship?"
Star Trek IV: The Final Frontier

What list that celebrates bad movie lines would be complete without one of my legendary utterances? This line of course has a special place in my cholestrol-clogged heart as the film it appeared in was my directorial debut.... it also slammed the coffin closed on that chapter of my professional career as I was never allowed to sit in the director's chair again... but who needs that seat when you command a Starfleet Vessel?


In any case, this bad movie line is when yours truly threw down his verbal chops and debated God, or what we thought was God. If not for a sizeable pair of nuggets swinging between the shaven thighs of one Captain Kirk, the Enterprise and all hope would have been lost. "What does God want with a starship?" What indeed.

William Shatner | Best Bad Movie Lines | Star Trek 4: The Final Fronter, starring Leonard Nimoy and my humble self, William Shatner

"SLAVES are made in such ways!"

Yes even the defender of the Jewish faith, Mel Gibson drops a bad movie line from time to time. Granted, not all bad movie lines appear in bad movies, or are delivered by bad actors. On occassion one of these gems gets past everyone. Fortunately, Mel directed Braveheart and naturally assumed that all his lines were beyond criticism, or revision, and we couldn't agree more.

During a lovely tent scene with the future Queen of England, a negotiation has gone sour with William Wallace (Gibson). The Princess offers Wallace gold, and titles, and declares that "Peace is made in such ways", to which Wallace retorts sharply "SLAVES are made in such ways!"

If only he had reviewed his dailys a second time and seen how ridiculously over the top he shoved that line down the audience's throats we wouldn't be here now. Thankfully, Mel's ego came through for us.

William Shatner | Best Bad Movie Lines | Braveheart starring Mel Gibson

"Turn your key sir! Turn your missile key now sir!"
War Games.

Ahhh the threat of Nuclear War! Remember the 80's when doom was just around the corner? War Games was one of many films that tried to cash in on our fear by giving us a 'what if' glimpse at World War III. Nestled within War Games is a beauty of bad movie line, that appears in the opening minutes of the film.

Deep within an underground missile silo, two military men sit at the controls of a nuclear arsenal, when all hell breaks loose. Flashing sirens and bells alert the men that it's time to launch some rockets (thank you Nick Cage! Bad movie line from Con Air... tons within that piece of shit by the way)! In order to successfully launch a nuclear weapon (this information has been gleaned from countless years of acting), two men must simultaneously turn an ignition key to effect the start of World War III. At the moment of truth the elder silo occupant is having second thoughts about bringing about the end of the world... of course the younger douche bag is all too happy to accomodate his superiors.
William Shatner | Best Bad Movie Lines | War Games starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy
The young man in this instance is Michael Madsen, appearing in his first ever Hollywood feature. He draws his side arm and levels at his partner while announcing..." Turn your key sir! Turn your missile key now sir!" Brilliance... it's no wonder Madsen has achieved such greatness.

"This is my church."
Some Kind of Wonderful

Before he made the transition to cool, Jesus-looking, drug dealer, Eric Stolz was often cast as the geek, or social outcast in films. In Some Kind of Wonderful, he played... an asshole for lack of better description, who was in love with the hottest chick in school, and decided to use his artistic prowess to paint a picture of her... and upon her viewing of it her panties would disintegrate and her vagina would jump directly on to his orange speckled, alabaster meat sword. His best friend is also an artistic asshole, a musician, and she is madly in love with Stolz... but the dumb cow never speaks up... so no penis for you. I digress.

This movie is a painful piece of shit, and should of been titled Some Kind of Awful, but the final moments of the film, Stolz delivers this award-winning, crotch-dampening line. Walking through a museum with the hot chick at school late at night (this is step one of the panties removal plan) and while tourning the moonlit art, he utters to her "This is my church." It still sends chills up my spine, and through my hair implants.
William Shatner | Best Bad Movie Lines | Some Kind Of Wonderful starring what appears to be two mutants and a horse
This is your Captain's Log.

- Sweet Bill.

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